2014 State 2B Football Bracket

2014 State 1B Football Bracket


2014 State 2B Volleyball Bracket

2014 State 1B Volleyball Bracket

District 9 Volleyball Tournament Brackets
2014 District 9
Composite Football Schedule
SE 1B League
SE 2B League
Thu. Sept. 4
Dayton at Elgin
Fri. Sept. 5
Salmon River at Colton
Waitsburg-Prescott at Mac Hi
Touchet vs. Triangle LK at Dufur
DeSales at LaSalle
St John-Endicott at Odessa-Harrington
Tri Cities Prep vs. Heppner@ Herm.
Wallace at Garfield-Palouse
Asotin at McCall
Sunnyside Christian vs. Rainer Christian at Kentlake
Kamiah at Pomeroy
ACH at Liberty Christian
Fri. Sept. 12
Dayton at Colton
White Swan at Waitsburg-Prescott
SunnysideChristian at Touchet
Columbia Burbank at DeSales
St John-Endicott at Troy, ID
Tri Cities Prep at Stanfield
Garfield-Palouse at LWK
Riverside at Asotin
Liberty Christian at Pomeroy
Fri. Sept. 19
LWK at Colton
Orofino at Waitsburg-Prescott
Liberty Christian at St John-Endicott
DeSales at Weston-McEwen
Garfield-Palouse at Dayton
Tri Cities Prep at Mabton
Pomeroy at Sunnyside Christian
Asotin vs. Timber LK @KD
Fri. Sept. 26
Colton at SunnysideChristian
PrescottPres. at Heppner
Touchet at Garfield-Palouse
Mabton at DeSales
St John-Endicott at Pomeroy
Orofino at Asotin
Republic at LWK
Soap Lake at Tri Cities Prep
Dayton at Liberty Christian
Fri. Oct. 3
Colton at St John-Endicott
Kiona-Benton at Waitsburg-Prescott
LWK at Touchet
LaGrande at DeSales
Garfield-Palouse at Liberty Christian
Umatilla at Tri Cities Prep
Sunnyside Christian at Waterville
Pomeroy at Dayton
Fri. Oct. 10
Garfield-Palouse at St John-Endicott
Waitsburg-Prescott at Columbia-Burbank
Touchet at Pomeroy
Asotin at Orofino
Dayton at Sunnyside Christian
Liberty Christian at LWK
Fri. Oct. 17
Colton at Touchet
Tri Cities Prep at Waitsburg-Prescott
St John-Endicott at Dayton
Asotin at DeSales
SunnysideChristian at Liberty Christian
Pomeroy at LWK
Fri. Oct 24
Liberty Christian at Colton
Tri Cities Prep at Asotin
Touchet at St John-Endicott
DeSales at Waitsburg-Prescott
Pomeroy at Garfield-Palouse
LWK vs. SS Chr. At Granger
Thu. Oct. 30
Waitsburg-Prescott at Asotin
DeSales at Tri Cities Prep
Fri. Oct. 31
Garfield-Palouse at Sunnyside Chr.
Colton at Pomeroy
Dayton  at Touchet
LWK at St John-Endicott
Thu. Nov. 6
Colton at Garfield-Palouse
Liberty Christian at Touchet
Sunnyside Christian at St John-Endicott
LWK at Dayton
Fri. Nov. 7
7/9 Cross-Over
NE  #7 @ NE  #1 W = 7/9 #1 
NE  #6 @ SE  #1 W = 7/9 #2
NE #5 @ NE #2 W = 7/9 #3
NE #4 @ SE #2 W = 7/9 #4
SE #3 @ NE #3 W = 7/9 #5

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